Trip to Kanchipuram & Thiruvanamalai

By yogabinge
In September 5, 2015


In the month of Aug I somehow found myself with 6 days without any classes. In such instances my first impulse is to go the Isha Yoga Center. This time I was planning to be in silence for 3 days. Strangely though, I felt a resistance within me for going to the ashram and felt like visiting Thiruvanamalai and spending time in the Ramana Ashram and the Arunachaleshwara temple (Temple for the Agni or Fire element – one of the Pancha Bhuta Sthalams).

After deciding to go to Thiruvanamalai, I spoke to a friend who lives in Thiruvanamalai and started off on 26th morning. Around 60km from Bangalore this friend called me to say that, though my stay in Thiruvanamalai was arranged, she was in Kanchipuram in her grand-mother’s house. She suggested that I come down to Kanchipuram for a day and visit the Ekambareswarar temple (Temple for the Earth element) and then head over to Thiruvanamalai.




By 1pm on 26th we reached Kanchipuram and visited the powerful Ekambareswarar temple in the evening. The temple was vibrant with energy and after the darshan we sat for meditation just behind the GarbhaGriha (Sanctum Sanctorum). After the meditation both me and my wife felt the body beginning to feel heavy and dull. It was almost like it was moving in slow motion for the next hour or two. The main temple complex had an intense energy which made the body feel warmed up with the palms radiating heat.


We then had darshan of Devi in the Kamakshi Amman temple nearby (Kanchipuram  being a small town, all temples are pretty close by). This is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India and is very powerful. We could feel a warm energy envelopingKAMAK us the moment we stepped across the threshold of the temple. My wife, who is more sensitive to Devi’s energies felt her eyes and forehead become heavy with very blissful energy.


We also had the fortune to visit the Kailasanathar temple. This is the same temple about which there is a stone panel in the Dhayanalingaentrance – the one where a poor devotee of Shiva (Poosalar) builds a temple within himself. The king of the area is also building a Shiva temple at the same time. Both of them decide to open their temples on the same day. The night before, Shiva appears in a dream to the king, and tells him that Shiva won’t be able to grace the opening ceremony of the king’s temple as he has to go to his poor devotee’s temple! The locals in the area still talk about this temple being un-consecrated!

VaradharajaPerumal Temple and Sri UlagalandaPerumal Temple. Where the Varadharaja temple complex is beautiful and huge – built over 23 acres, the Sri UlagalandaPerumal Temple was again quite intense in our experience. The huge idol of Vishnu in VamanaAvatara (black granite) is mysterious and majestic at the same time. The shrine of Devi in this temple was once again very powerful in our experience and is a must visit for anyone visiting Kanchipuram.




On 27th afternoon we reached Thiruvanamalai and visited the Arunachaleswara temple in the evening. The moment we stepped across the threshold of the main building, both me and my wife, stopped and looked at each other acknowledging the intense energy that was so palpable. Our friend had fortunately been able to organize a special pooja for us in the GarbhaGriha (Sanctum Sanctorum).

Entering the GarbhaGriha was like entering a furnace! The experience of heat was so palpable – even though just a few deepams were lit and no big fire was burning. My wife burst into uncontrollable tears the moment she sat down. She shares that while crying she felt as if something is coming out of her system. I, on the other hand, had the opposite experience where I came out grinning from ear to ear for no ostensible reason at all J



GIRIVALAM (Parikrama of Arunachal mountain)

Early the next morning we started out to circumambulate the sacred Arunachalamountain. It is a walk of over 14 km and to my surprise we could complete it very comfortably and easily. In fact after the walk I didn’t even feel the need to rest or sleep and was just bursting with energy.




While in Thiruvanamalai we stayed in a cottage in the sylvan precincts of Ramana Ashram. The highlight of Raman Ashram was the time spent sitting in the room where Ramana Mharishi used to give darshan to his disciples – the room is just bursting with energy as if he is still sitting there.

Sitting there meditation just seems to happen completely effortlessly and before you know long periods of time have passed. The same is true for the hall which houses his Samadhi. The chanting of the Vedas that happens here on certain occasions is just ethereal.

We also visited the Skanda Ashram which can be reached after a trek of 1.5 km up the Arunachala mountain. Ramana Mharishi spent many years of his life in this place. Once again it’s an incredibly powerful space. Being on top of the hill also lends it an aura of complete solitude and seclusion, adding to the overall experience.

Overall, it was an amazing four days. It felt as some other intelligence is planning the trip and directing us to go to various powerful temples. Though the trip was quite hectic and physically demanding, not once did either of us feel tired or low on energy.

Once back in Bangalore, I could notice a clear improvement in the strength and flexibility of the body – e.g. I could do Angamardana faster than I have done in many months now.

– Siddarth – Yoga-Binge



  1. Wonderful! I loved reading the article and as if I was visualizing and living your experiences! I wish to go sometime soon when I visit India next. May we all keep growing spiritually…

  2. Great explanation thanks a lot

  3. Wow teacher…. What a coincidence….I am now into reading and knowing about Shri Ramana and here my teacher visited and came… It’s like a indication student too should follow…. Always you are a wonderment…..pranams…..

  4. Very well described.. I too want to experience the same positive vibes…

    1. Shyam,
      These places are pretty close to Bangalore – just take your car and drive off on a weekend 🙂

    2. Shakthi,
      These places, though not being maintained too well, are still very powerful. You must go.
      In fact, if enough people are interested, we can arrange a trip 🙂

  5. Interesting article. Wonderful to read the experiences explained such a beautiful manner!!

  6. Thanks very interesting blog!

  7. Thanks for inspiring, Siddarth. Shall plan a trip soon.

  8. Your experiences are very interesting and inspiring

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