Effect of Doing Classical Hatha Yoga

By yogabinge
In November 24, 2015

A few weeks back I happened to join my neighbours for a few games of Carrom. I had never been too good at the game and hadn’t played for a minimum of 15 years, hence was expecting to be quite pathetic at it. However, to my surprise, I turned in what could well be my best performance at the game! My mind-body coordination had always been above average but never too good. This experience obviously set me wondering about the possible cause behind this unexpected performance boost.

Around two and a half years back I quit my job and career in Wealth Management and Capital Markets and spent twenty one weeks doing intense sadhana, training to become a Classical Hatha Yoga teacher.

Looking back over the last couple of years of daily practice of Hatha Yoga and also teaching it on a regular basis, I can see a clear and big improvement in the mind-body coordination. Not only this, the mind seems to have become a bit more organised and coherent, with a lower level of ‘noise’ or unwanted thoughts running in the background. This has led to an improvement in my decision-making ability due to greater clarity of thought.

I can also discern a marked change in my ability to read other’s ‘body language’. This has happened without any conscious effort in this direction. This now enables me to manage complex and stressful situations with more ease.

  • Siddarth Goel, Yoga Binge

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